Wednesday, 13 September 2017


In a far away village, miles away from here, there lived an adventurous boy named Max.  
Max loved to read and dreamed of fantastic places, places where fairytales were real, places where there are wicked witches, fierce dragons, knights, robots and unicorns. Anything you can imagine: freezing, delicious ice-cream mountains, mouth-watering chocolate falls gushing down from candy coated marshmallow rocks, sweet lollipop trees swaying in the wind and snow white clouds that felt so soft and silky and towering castles that reached for the glorious heavens. Max loved the places he found in books and imagined himself there.

However not everyone loved to read. There was a group of boys at school who everyday would tease Max for reading his books and dreaming of different lands. How would you feel if you got bullied for something you loved? Image result for heart

Fortunately there was one girl who noticed that Max was getting teased. This thoughtful, good hearted girl was called Ruby. Her beautiful blue eyes dazzled in the sun like shimmering stars in the night sky. When she smiled her pearly teeth shone and her rich blonde hair flowed in the whispering wind. She felt sorry for poor little Max so she wanted to help him but what could someone her size do?

Ruby thought for a while, then an idea began to form. Ruby stumbled over the piles of clothes resting on the ground, and opened the closet.  Carefully she grabbed her arts and crafts kit. The floor in Ruby’s room had clothes scattered all over the ground, so Ruby cleared the ground using her hands. Ruby stapled papers and drew pictures in all sorts of colours.

The next day she presented a Colourful book to Max. In bright coloured letters it read “Max’s Adventures” Max loved the book and was so delighted to see a special homemade book made for him from true friend. Max’s Adventures became Max’s most treasured book. He went everywhere without and whenever someone teased him he just ignored the teasing and thought about how lucky he was to have a great friend in Ruby and a wonderful imagination.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


We were tasked to write couplet poem about a teacher. Here is my poem about my teacher Pete.


We were tasked to vocabulary knowledge and make a glossary on Google Drawings. Here is our finished result.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Goldilocks with a twist.

We were tasked to write a fairy tale, but not just any kind of fairy tale. We had to make a twist to the fairy tale. This is my Goldilocks with a twist.

Once upon a time there was three bears, who lived together in a house of their own in the woods.

A blonde headed girl walked anxiously down a narrow, rocky path towards a clearing. Staring at her small phone she looked around her. Howling wind screamed with fear and the glowing moon stalked the small girl’s movements.

The girl had dark blue almost pitch black eyes which would made shivers go down your spine. Ahead of her in the clearing stood a cottage. Shadowy trees surrounded  the little house as if protecting it from view. The entrance to the property was guarded by a wooden fence, with paint peeling itself off. A rocky path led to the weathered front door and the windows were obscured by vines that seemed to strangle the house.  

Confidently she pushed the massive, wooden door to see if it was unlocked. The door swung open. Searching the cramped cottage she had come across a little table. On that table there were three undusted devices. Goldilocks picked up one of the phones. The moment she had first picked up the phone she knew that this phone was way too small. It had nearly slipped out of her hands. Following the line of digital devices she chose the phone next to the other phone. She tapped on an app. Goldilocks waited for a little bit. Two minutes had passed she did not have the time to wait for a useless app to pop up on the phone. She then put the phone down and went to the next phone. This phone was just right. After playing on the phone for a bit. The phone had went completely flat.

Goldilocks travelled around the house. In the other room, there was the luxurious  lounge. There were three individual huge seats. Walking to the first seat, she glanced at the black screen. Turning on the TV she sunk into the chair like a sinking on a boat in the shimmering ocean. Struggling to find her way back up she took the remote with her as she jumped on the next chair. “Whoa this chair is way too close to the TV” she said to herself. So she went to the next chair. “This chair is just right”. Goldilocks watched TV until her eyes got tired.

Slowly she slumped up stairs. She took a glimpse in a room. There were 3 beds made perfectly for Goldilocks to mess up completely. Jumping on to the first bed she got winded not only had she got winded she was knocked out. Another 2 minutes had passed, she got up. Her knees knocked together as she walked wobbly to the next. Again she sunk, but this time she sunk into the bed. Finding her way to the bright light she went to the next. This bed was just right for Goldilocks, not too hard, not too soft. but  just right. Suddenly everything around her got darker and darker.

“Wake up so we can eat you” said Papa bear. “ She is still asleep she can’t hear you” said baby bear. Opening her eyes she looked in front of her. The three bears were sitting patiently. “GET HER”!!! Goldilocks tried to get away, but it was too late. She was their dinner. Never use other people’s stuff without permission.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Show and tell

We were tasked to write about a teacher as if they were a animal. Here is my description about a D P.

Found in her messy, cluttered environment. Papers fill the pitch black cave with a window full of morning light. The scent of English tea wafts in the air. Her diet consists exclusively of cottage cheese.  She roams freely among the short trees wondering around.  This mystical mammal has towering legs that touch the ground lightly. She has yellow fur on her head and stays warm cloaked in colourful garments. Confidently she speaks with a weird accent. With a loud voice she demands others.